PHT 4x4x6 Air Furnace

Aluminum Heat Treat System

  • 48" x 46" x 69" Basket size to accomodate hog fence racks
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Network capable computer controlled machine operation
  • Memory card capable for back-up data capture
  • Safety guards and light curtains to shield moving parts
  • E-stop buttons near operator stations
  • Two basket and cart sets
  • Stainless steel quench tanks
  • 1 tank w/ circulation pump, and plumbing for glycol quench (optional heater)
    1 tank w/ circulation pump and plumbing for spray rinse capable of being filled for water quench
  • Seven second full or Five second half, basket immersion time
  • Necessary oven and quench tank thermocouples to meet AMS/BAC specification
  • Oven temperature ranges 225° - 1,010° F
  • Maximum overshoot 10° F
  • Oven temperature uniformity +/-10° F
  • Furnace and quench tank temperature retransmit outputs for data capture
  • NADCAP/ AMS/ BAC certification capable for aluminum alloy certification